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[audio]IUMA: colecovision
dina naskos voice+words dave rout electronics+words before colecovisionthere was laundromat. dave started up laundromat in '97, with vocalist julie faris of parade. parade had gone on hiatus, and dave figured his electro/triphop sound would merge with her voice. this led to recording in the studio, and the result was the spin cycle e.p. they played canadian music week that year, and were one of the buzz bands of the festival...
Keywords: colecovision
Downloads: 17
[movies]Coleco Jumpman Junior (USA) in 04:48.58 by adelikat - adelikat
Publication: http://tasvideos.org/2214M.html
Keywords: Jumpman; Junior; ColecoVision; TAS; Tool; Assisted; Speedrun
Downloads: 532
[software]Smurf Rescue In Gargamel's Castle (1982) (Coleco) - Coleco
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle is a video game for the ColecoVision and Atari 2600 in which the player must brave a series of obstacles to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel's castle.  Each side-scrolling screen presents various obstacles that the player must precisely jump over (e.g. fences, stalagmites) or land upon (e.g. ledges). Failure to execute any jump results in instant death...
Keywords: Colecovision; Smurfs; Gargamel; Coleco; Video Game
Downloads: 92
[texts]ColecoVision Experience - Volume 01 Issue 02 (1983-09)(Coleco Industries)
ColecoVision Experience - Volume 01 Issue 02 (1983-09)(Coleco Industries)
Keywords: coleco; colecovision; bea; video; wizard; zip; game; asimcw; rcbt; fflfllmfctmtnmus
Downloads: 37
[texts]Atari Catalog: Activision Video Game Cartridge Catalog Winter (1984)(Activision)(US)
Atari Catalog: Activision Video Game Cartridge Catalog Winter (1984)(Activision)(US)
Keywords: designed; ond; adventure; river; crane; tanks; atari; colecovision; david crane
Downloads: 33
[texts]ColecoVision Experience - Volume 01 Issue 01 (1983-06)(Coleco Industries)
ColecoVision Experience - Volume 01 Issue 01 (1983-06)(Coleco Industries)
Keywords: colecovision; videogame; vision; arcade; donkey; hits; skssss; ttit; favorite; experie
Downloads: 39
[texts]arcade express v1n20
arcade express v1n20
Keywords: atari; arcade; game; colecovision; coleco; cartridge; vectrex; gamer; videogame; express; data age; colecovision coleco; arcade express; video tape; north american
Downloads: 14
[texts]arcade express v1n23
arcade express v1n23
Keywords: atari; arcade; computer; game; videogame; gamers; coleco; colecovision; cartridges; electronic; arcade express; colecovision coleco; donkey kong; vice president; coin machine; centipede atari
Downloads: 16
[texts]Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Catalog (1984)(CBS Electronics)(GB)
Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Catalog (1984)(CBS Electronics)(GB)
Keywords: cbs; colecovision; mattel; module; expansion; video; screens; game; cbs colecovision; cartridges; game systems; game system; video game; module allows; expansion module; leading video; exidy incorporated; game cartridges
Downloads: 32
[texts]arcade express v1n26
arcade express v1n26
Keywords: atari; arcade; videogame; game; colecovision; reese; express; games; software; coleco; arcade express; donkey kong; centipede atari; colecovision coleco; video games; reese communications; judging committee; fox video; electronic games
Downloads: 21
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Space Panic (1983)(Coleco)(FR)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Space Panic (1983)(Coleco)(FR)
Keywords: pour; sur; vous; les; une; des; niveau; jeu; voire; monslres; appuyez sur; les monslres; cbs colecovision
Downloads: 31
[texts]Book of Video Games, The (1983-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)[supplement, issue 020]
Book of Video Games, The (1983-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)[supplement, issue 020]
Keywords: games; atari; game; vcs; colecovision; lor; video; screen; graphics; video games; video game; donkey kong
Downloads: 58
[audio]Operation Kill Screen #51 - "Ever thought about being a hand model?" - jumblejunkie
Operation Kill Screen #51 - "Ever thought about being a hand model?"
Keywords: OKS operation Kill screen VVGG Vintagevideogamegeek Colecovision Canada Mario Kart 7
Downloads: 1,300
[texts]Flyer for Bounty Bob by Big Five Software - Jason Scott
Flyer for Bounty Bob by Big Five Software.
Keywords: ibm; color; colecovision; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; apple; arcade; level; bounty; coleco
Downloads: 86
[texts]Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Presents CBS ColecoVision (1984)(CBS Electronics)(M6)
Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Presents CBS ColecoVision (1984)(CBS Electronics)(M6)
Keywords: cbs; una; een; und; het; mit; die; colecovision; con; del; action controllers; electronics video; cbs colecovision; expansion module; donkey kong; cbs electronics; game cartridge; super action; video game; atari vcs
Downloads: 43
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)(M6)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)(M6)
Keywords: bounty; bob; miner; und; mutants; una; die; tnt; bounty bob; los; sur les; appuyez sur; video game; bounty bobs; game system; bob doit; cbs colecovision; colecovision video; radioactive pool
Downloads: 24
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: CBS Colecovision English Instructions (1982)(CBS Electronics)(AU)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: CBS Colecovision English Instructions (1982)(CBS Electronics)(AU)
Keywords: game; console; switch; cartridge; cbs; controller; unit; aerial; colecovision; power; cbs colecovision; aerial switchbox; console unit; hand controller; power switch; power supply; aerial lead; switch box; game cartridge; aerial switch
Downloads: 22
[texts]Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Catalog (1984)(CBS Electronics)(M6)
Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics Catalog (1984)(CBS Electronics)(M6)
Keywords: cbs; colecovision; sie; die; atari; turbo; una; und; cbs colecovision; les; sega enterprises; vous devez; video game; questo gioco; expansion module; turbo driver; pour les; donkey kong; video juegos
Downloads: 17
[texts]arcade express v1n14
arcade express v1n14
Keywords: atari; intellivision; arcade; game; coleco; vcs; cartridge; colecovision; videogame; software; atari vcs; arcade express; colecovision coleco; vice president; vcs atari; reese publishing; intellivision iii; reader poll; park avenue; donkey kong
Downloads: 11
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Jumpman Junior (1984)(Epyx)(M5)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Jumpman Junior (1984)(Epyx)(M5)
Keywords: jumpman; sie; het; und; die; cbs; junior; een; votre; wenn; game system; colecovision video; jumpman junior; steuerknuppel nach; video game; het spel; wenn sie; drucken sie; sie den; cbs colecovision
Downloads: 25
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Carnival (1982)(Coleco)(M6)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Carnival (1982)(Coleco)(M6)
Keywords: het; del; vous; een; sur; die; che; score; video game; und; game system; colecovision video; het spel; los blancos; cbs colecovision; les cibles; ogni volta; volta che; toutes les
Downloads: 18
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: CBS ColecoVision Videogame Computer Instructions (1983)(CBS Inc.)(M10)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: CBS ColecoVision Videogame Computer Instructions (1983)(CBS Inc.)(M10)
Keywords: console; cbs; del; ikke; eller; colecovision; den; het; cbs colecovision; cassette; power switch; van het; del gioco; console unit; het console; vision videogamecomputer; der console; del juego; cartuccia del
Downloads: 58
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (1982)(Coleco)(FR)[Schtroumpfs]
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (1982)(Coleco)(FR)[Schtroumpfs]
Keywords: petit; les; pour; vous; des; est; jeu; sur; etape; cbs; pour deux; appuyant sur; jeu cbs; branche sur; cbs colecovision
Downloads: 38
[audio]5 Auf Einen Streich 048
portalZINE TV - 5 auf einen Streich Folge 048
Keywords: nasa; asteroiden; schutz; welraum; forschung; opera; android; webrtc; camera; ton; video; miracle maschine; wein; herstellung; pizza; touch; pizza hut; prototyp; internet archive; console; living room; atari; colecovision
Downloads: 15
[texts]Orphaned Computer & Game Systems - Volume II Issue 3 (1998-04)(Trionfo, Adam)(US)
Orphaned Computer & Game Systems - Volume II Issue 3 (1998-04)(Trionfo, Adam)(US)
Keywords: game; games; pitfall; atari; adam; classic; colecovision; frenzy; zaxxon; commodore; video game; machine language; chris federico; playing games; free time; adam trionfo
Downloads: 22
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 025 (1983-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 025 (1983-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: games; software; atari; spectrum; computer; game; bbc; lor; video games; machine code; bug byte; software houses; arcade game; rom cartridge; cbs colecovision; wide range; special offer; leading software
Downloads: 85
[texts]arcade express v1n3
arcade express v1n3
Keywords: atari; videogame; arcade; ibm; games; vcs; colecovision; game; cartridges; odyssey; arcade express; programmable videogame; electronic games; personal computer; ibm personal; videogame system; reese publishing; milton bradley; atari vcs
Downloads: 14
[texts]arcade express v1n13
arcade express v1n13
Keywords: games; arcade; atari; game; imagic; cartridges; vcs; family fun; colecovision; odyssey; videogame; arcade express; atari vcs; park avenue; reese publishing; answer software
Downloads: 13
[texts]Digital Press - Special Edition (1992-04-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Special Edition (1992-04-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; digital; game; hedgehog; graphics; press; santulli; intellivision; colecovision; games; digital press; press april; joe santulli; soul possessor; blue hedgehog; rat feces
Downloads: 26
[texts]Mattel Electronics (1984)(Mattel)(GB)
Mattel Electronics (1984)(Mattel)(GB)
Keywords: intellivision; computer; intellivoice; semestre; dungeons; sistema; cassettes; atari; console; colecovision; master component; computer system; data east; music synthesizer; computer adaptor; mattel electronics; video games; advanced dungeons
Downloads: 48
[texts]arcade express v1n15
arcade express v1n15
Keywords: atari; games; coleco; arcade; colecovision; game; videogames; videogame; vcs; gamer; arcade express; games network; malibu fun; special effects; reese publishing; park avenue; games based
Downloads: 15
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 02 (1991-11)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 02 (1991-11)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; digital; game; graphics; games; santulli; colecovision; edition; videogame; press; digital press; joe santulli; star control; sound effects; donkey kong; pete rose; mouse trap; kevin oleniacz; full game
Downloads: 45
[audio]Guys Games and Beer Episode 114; Game Changer - Guys Games and Beer
You can spend your whole life free from obsession: Playing some Bejeweled on Facebook or tooling around with some simple tap games on the iPad. Maybe some solitaire here or there and even an occasional first person shooter. Then it happens: You try out a game just for a few minutes, then the minutes turn to hours and hours melt to days. You are hooked and you don’t care. You drudge through work, constantly checking the time counting down every moment until you can just go home and play it: The...
Keywords: Video games; game addiction; podcast; guys games and beer; gamer; atari; commodore; indie gaming; gamers; colecovision; intellivision; playstation; final fantasy 7
Downloads: 37
[texts]Coleco Colecovision Catalog: ColecoVision Game Cartridges Catalog (1982)(Coleco)(US)
Coleco Colecovision Catalog: ColecoVision Game Cartridges Catalog (1982)(Coleco)(US)
Keywords: game; cartridge; arcade; expansion; sega; colecovision; exidy; module; game cartridge; coleco; video computer; sports game; expansion module; game play; arcade game; video game; game puts; exidy incorporated; sears video
Downloads: 34
[movies]292 - Retro Gaming: Looking Back to the 80s
Robbie and Erika rebirth memories of the very foundation of the gaming industry. From the Atari 2600 to a live ColecoVision demonstration, be prepared to enter into a state of nostalgia.
Keywords: technology; atari 2600; colecovision; gaming; retro; classic; nintendo entertainment system; nes; vic-20; video games; video game system; 1980s; 80s; early; antique; atari; nintendo; coleco; nostalgia; nostalgic
Downloads: 29
[texts]Atari Catalog: Parker Brothers Video Games (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)
Atari Catalog: Parker Brothers Video Games (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)
Keywords: atari; video; arcade; computer; super; players; colecovision; sears; video arcade; tandyvision; players atari; commodore vic; video computer; computer system; atari video; sears super; super video; sears video; arcade sears
Downloads: 36
[texts]Advertisement: Command the Powers of Adam (Coleco Adam)
New Command the Powers of Adam, and Program Your Future. 4-page advertisement spread for the Coleco Adam, a computer that associated with Colecovision. Reading this, it seems like it would take off wildly. Screenshots, nice photos of equipment and of the tapes that drove everyone nuts. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games.
Keywords: adam; printer; arcade; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; console; colecovision; joysticks; computer; ram; memory; software; processing software; memory drive; word processing; arcade game; wheel printer; ram console; printer interface; family computer; mass memory; hit arcade
Downloads: 57
[texts]arcade express v1n12b
arcade express v1n12b
Keywords: atari; arcade; game; vcs; videogame; cartridge; computer; intellivision; software; games; arcade express; atari vcs; personal computer; vcs atari; reese publishing; park avenue; intellivision mattel; ibm personal; game peddler; colecovision coleco
Downloads: 15
[texts]TV Gamer Magazine (March 1983)

Keywords: ihe; games; atari; game; mattel; cartridge; electronics; video; cbs; cartridges; games guide; mattel electronics; video game; video games; atari games; cbs electronics; donkey kong; light pen; cbs colecovision; expansion module
Downloads: 217
[texts]arcade express v1n18
arcade express v1n18
Keywords: atari; arcade; games; coleco; game; electronic; gaming; computer; software; colecovision; arcade express; vice president; electronic gaming; electronic games; texas instruments; sales manager; radio shack; national sales; donkey kong; atari atari
Downloads: 20
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 19 (1994-05)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 19 (1994-05)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; games; game; classic; sega; tempest; digital; video; asteroids; colecovision; digital press; video game; kevin oleniacz; joe santulli; chuck norris; donkey kong; worm whomper; video games; power users; high score
Downloads: 36
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 17 (1994-03)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 17 (1994-03)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; game; games; digital; colecovision; video; sears; arcade; classic; intellivision; digital press; jess ragan; video arcade; joe santulli; sears super; video games; super video; sears video; kevin oleniacz; video game
Downloads: 30
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 07 (1992-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 07 (1992-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; digital; game; colecovision; games; press; activision; edition; graphics; videogame; digital press; joe santulli; street fighter; star wars; graphics sound; empire strikes; classic systems; parker bros; mountain king; liz nardella
Downloads: 24
[texts]Electronic Games Magazine (November 1983)
Electronic Games Magazine (November 1983). The November 1983 issue of Electronic Games magazine. Switch On, Electronic Games Hotline, Newsmakers: Dragon's Lair, Readers Replay, Videogame Hall of Fame: Two Great Games Attain Immortality, Scary Videogames: Games that Go "Bump" in the Night, Goodies for Gamers: Products to Increase Your Gaming Pleasure, Video Pinball Flips Out!, Inside Gaming: Consulting Activision's Kitchen Cabinet, Arcade America: Third Star from the Sun!, Players Guide to Progra...
Keywords: games; atari; electronic; game; arcade; videogame; video; joystick; pinball; gamers; electronic games; video game; donkey kong; arcade express; pinball paradise; colecovision coleco; thundering turbo; robot tank; electronic gaming; death star
Downloads: 378
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 21 (1994-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 21 (1994-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: games; game; atari; activision; sega; videogame; colecovision; genesis; santulli; arcade; joe santulli; video game; star trek; john van; digital press; video games; van ryzin; russ perry; development system; variable skill
Downloads: 29
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 06 (1992-07)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 06 (1992-07)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; digital; game; games; graphics; che; intellivision; press; edition; colecovision; digital press; joe santulli; super mario; fighting masters; video game; sports talk; earnest evans; bill schultz; third party; sound gameplay
Downloads: 43
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 13 (1993-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 13 (1993-09)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: game; atari; graphics; games; gameplay; videogame; fanzine; digital; colecovision; joe; digital press; liz kevin; kevin howie; karl bill; jurassic park; joe karl; element joe; bill liz; kevin oleniacz; joe santulli
Downloads: 43
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Burgertime (1984)(Coleco)(M5)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Burgertime (1984)(Coleco)(M5)
Keywords: chef; een; foes; die; vous; het; und; peter; les; hamburger; voedsel vreters; video game; chef peter; una parte; food foes; cbs colecovision; control stick; die food; chefkoch peter; een stuk
Downloads: 29
[texts]Electronic Games - Volume 02 Number 11 (1984-01)(Reese Communications)(US)
Electronic Games - Volume 02 Number 11 (1984-01)(Reese Communications)(US)
Keywords: atari; game; arcade; games; videogame; computer; electronic; commodore; software; colecovision; computer game; video game; sammy lightfoot; electronic arts; atari atari; star trek; space ace; electronic games; donkey kong; computer games
Downloads: 104
[texts]Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics - Lordinateur Au Coeur Du Jeu (1984)(CBS Electronics)(FR)
Coleco Colecovision Catalog: CBS Electronics - Lordinateur Au Coeur Du Jeu (1984)(CBS Electronics)(FR)
Keywords: les; cbs; des; dans; sur; pour; vous; une; est; marque; montrent les; jeux sur; une marque; les jeux; cbs colecovision; deposee appartenant; systeme cbs; coleco industries; marque deposee; est une
Downloads: 26
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